Episode 9: Run run wee-ooooooooooo

It’s May 16. Gee, what topic do you THINK this married couple is going to talk about? Well…if you still can’t guess, then…Pet Sounds. Given that an entire encyclopedia could be made about the revolutionary album, Lisa and Sean decided to narrow the scope a bit. They start with a bit of discussion about their experiences with the 1990 CD. Also, they have some experience that not a heck of a lot of people have been through: they actually got to be part of a performance of the album in front of a paying audience, and they talk about the experience.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all. This is the BEST trip we’ve ever been on.

Recorded April 24, 2022

Three guitars, a ukulele, a bike horn, a bike bell, an iPad, and a plush giraffe (not all pictured) are just some of the things you need to put in your car when you’re about to perform Pet Sounds with a group of talented friends.
The labels on Sean’s beloved Rickenbacker 12-string to help him find his positioning for “That’s Not Me” and “Sloop John B.” (He still managed to screw it up!)

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